The Sent One, Sent us.

Yes, it's true, the word "mission" isn't actually in the Bible. Yet the followers of Jesus traversed the earth with a "mission". Those who were most close to Him, went the farthest, to the ends of the earth where no one knew Him, only to make Him known.


We are a missions media organization that uses articles, videos, and photography to help Christians realize their identity and significance in the Great Commission.


We seek to:
1. Write inspiring stories about the mission field.
2. Empower more people to follow the Great Commission of Christ.


We hope to see this platform integrate information from various evangelistic and mission organizations, to become a place where mission related news and topics becomes easily accessible.

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We invite you to be apart of Imission1, join in what God is doing across the nations, recruiting editors, reporters, web designers, photographers, and videographers now!