What comes to your mind when you hear Kenya? The great wildebeest migration? The fast runners at the Olympics?

The Great Rift Valley in East Africa splits the country of Kenya in two. Though Kenya and South Africa are both the more stable economies in Africa, terrorist attacks and political unrest from nearby countries have affected Kenya in recent years. 60% of people living in Nairobi are from the slums. There are about 20 slums in the outskirts of Kenya, adding up to around 3 to 5 million people. Drive along the highway and you'll see small houses intertwined with each other spreading across the hills. Most children don't even know how to write their own name. The pay rate in the slums is under US$3.00 per day, which makes it difficult for large families to survive and be taken care of.

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肯亞民族數 Tribes
未聽聞福音人數 Never heard Gospel

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What Are You Waiting For?


Once colonized by the British, 80% of Kenyans identify as Christians, yet most are only nominal and have not personally responded to Jesus. The Kenyan church is in desperate need of revival and leadership training and prayer for government corruption and the high wage gap to end.


Kenya is one of the most developed economies of East Africa. Though are still facing major problems including lack of basic infrastructure, an unemployment rate 40%, a low-efficient government, and high price levels. Kenya lacks natural resources and focuses mainly on agriculture where corn is planted the most and coffee and tea are major cash crops. In recent years, Kenya has secured billions of dollars from China to build railways and other infrastructure. As Chinese companies begin to set up camp in Kenya, low salaries and conflict between cultures has become main problems.


All Kenyans receive free compulsory education, 8 years of primary school and 4 years of intermediate school. After graduation, most student start working to earn for the family. The official language is English and Swahili, and school subjects include religion, society and culture, arts, and other traditional subjects. Though the time spent in school is longer than most African nations, the quality of teachers are uneven since high school graduates are eligible to become teachers and no clear teaching evaluation system is implemented.


Out of 10 Kenyans, 7 are Christians, and 2 are Muslim. Most Christians are only nominal and the church is in desperate need for renewal and leadership training.

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James & Melody

Comido Education Centre Principal

25 years ago Pastor Melody responded God's call to Kenya. She got married in 1993 with missionary, Pastor James and together they have been serving the Makuru slums of Nairobi.

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Bohan Chang

Bread of Life Christian Church in Nairobi Pastor

God led her to Kenya 6 years ago, and today has become the pastor of the largest Chinese church in Nairobi, Kenya. For the past few years she's been helping other Chinese people to settle down. But in recent years, she has lead the church to start serving the Maasai people of Kenya.

Becoming a Beacon for the Slums in Keanya

26 years ago Pastor Qian came to the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums of Nairobi, Kenya and started a school, helping children leave poverty behind and find hope in life. Today the school has seen over 600 graduates. (Video Credit: Voice of America Chinese)

A Dream for Africa

From when she was little, she always about the meaning of life? Thus began her journey of searching for answers, from being a Japanese restaurant trainee to being a teacher. And never did she think she'd end up on the other side of the globe in Africa, finding her passion, life's purpose, and her husband... (Video Credit: True Love Blog)

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Hakuna-Matata ! Hakuna Matata is Swahili for "no worries" and also a common greeting phrase used among Kenyans.

You might remember this phrase from the Lion King, a song that Timon and Pumbaa sang. This reflects the nature and the culture of the Kenyan people, give them a simple note and they can start dancing and singing like all their worries are swept away. The vast plains and clear blue skies of the serengeti has a way of uplifting the soul. After World War II, the government established over 40 national parks and nature reserves and has officially prohibited poaching animals. Come between July and October and witness the great migration of animals, just like what you see on Discovery.

Kenyan cuisine has undergone the influence of both the British and Indian, such as the ginger milk tea or the ugali, a type of cornmeal porridge that tastes like popcorn. Don't forget to try bean stew, mixed with Indian spices, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, and beef. Or taste savory barbeque of lamb chops grilled to perfection. If you ever get a chance to explore Kenya, blend in with the locals by greeting them with Hakuna Matata and take in the delightful smells and the extraordinary views of this amazing country.

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